About SUper23 

Super23 has been crafted and shaped with customer experience as the number 1 priority. I, Philip deal with every transaction personally from the moment you call for a quote to the moment your car is delivered I stay with you 100% of the way ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Super23 for me in a sense is a labour of love, I have always had a real passion for cars in particular classics. I started Super23 by complete twist of fate. Initially my intention was to sell modern classics but I struggled to find a car transporter reliable or professional to the grade I would have desired. I then bought my own recovery truck to ease these concerns. As these things go one favour for a friend turned into another favour and now thousands of cars later I can boast a wealth of experience in transporting cars of all shapes, sizes & values.

The Super23 experience as I intended is personal and tailor made. In effect it allows you after the initial phone call to sit back and relax knowing everything is getting taken care of to the greatest of standards. For this reason on request we can show insurance documents detailing our cover for your peace of mind.

I look forward to hearing from you

Philip Brown - Owner/Operator 

 FUlly enclosed now available!